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We blend art, design + years of experience to create unique brands that attract and engage your audience.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design
a one-of-a-kind identity

At Cocoon Creative, we know that creating great graphic design is more than a sleek logo and matching brand colours, although that’s part of it. It’s about diving deep to understand your brand or business and thoughtfully crafting an entire brand ecosystem; where each element is unique but perfectly fits within a larger story.


Design + development

Who has time to muck around on WordPress for hours? We do. And we’ll build you a website that’s beautiful, functional, easy to use and easy to find. We can put together exactly what you need and exactly what your customer wants to use.

Your website needs to convey your mission in a visually compelling but easy to navigate way, and that’s exactly where we find our groove as designers. Showcasing your voice in the way that will best reach your audience.

Social Media

Attract + engage your ideal audience

Are your multiple social media accounts making you feel overwhelmed? We can change your social media platforms from a burden to a thriving community.

At Cocoon Creative we’ll work with you to create a consistent brand for your social media presence. We can create all of your posts or generate custom templates, so you can mage the posts yourself. We’ll work with you to create unique content that does what you want it to do – drive sales, increase brand awareness, communicate with customers or all of this combined.

Video + Photography

create a personal connection

Video and photography can really make or break your product. It’s often the first thing a customer will look at and how they’ll judge your product or service.

We all know a picture tells a thousand words, and a good photo or video will get to the heart and soul of who you are, what you do and why. We’re here to create that feeling for you and share it with the world, whether you need product photography, portraits, social media content or any other visual assets.


bespoke art for your brand

Our team are especially skilled in illustration, it’s something that we all have in common. With a diverse range of styles, we can work together to create exactly what you need for your business that best suits your unique brand.

We love using illustration in all aspects of graphic design, from icons and pictures, to logo development, web design, branding elements and social media content.

Don’t just read about it, see what we’ve done.